Sharp Special House Rules & Clarifications

Sharp Practice Rules Clarifications

Revised 6/29/09


I. Movement

  • Declaring Move: You must commit to 1 or 2d move attempt before rolling. Ie., you may not roll 1 move dice first, then roll another.
  • Individuals or Groups may change facing for free. Formations may change facing 1” cost per 90 deg change or move on the oblique, sidestep or back step at 2” cost per: 1” moved.
  • Changing Formation: Only Formations can be in formation, otherwise groups are considered to be in open order. In many cases a stand can simply move into the formation desired. If the group is already in a formation & wishes to change, it will cost 1 action die. Line to column, Column to line, etc.. Stands must be touching to use this option.
  • Most terrain in our scenarios offer -1 pip. This would include rocky terrain, gentle slopes, etc..
  • Obstacles: Must be touching obstacle to attempt to cross (1d or 2d).
  • Attachments & Outranking: Typically you will be concerned with outranking a fellow officer only if he is attached to the unit. Otherwise you can move any unit that you can command.


II. Terrain: Groups/formations must be at least half way in cover to get benefit.

  • Single Forest  / Palm Trees: Do not block LOS and offer soft cover.
  • Large Palm stands or forest: 1” fire out or into.
  • Walls & Fences: Stone walls = heavy, wooden fences = soft cover.
  • Streams: treat as obstacle @ 1d to cross.


III. Firing

  • LOS: Hills and large forest/palm stands block LOS. Single Palms do not.
  • Ranks: You must be part of the same group or formation to allow multiple ranks to fire thru each other. Ie., you can not come up behind a light unit in skirmish order and fire thru it. Remember that the 3rd rank gets 50% of its figures in firing calculations.
  • Firing thru partial obstructions: Ie., across a wall or thru the center of a town square, etc., count as cover. Never apply double cover mods though…ie., Forest + Obstruction still yields only a 50% reduction in dice.


IV. Fisticuffs

  • Groups must have the movement to actually contact at least part of the target unit to bring close combat (fisticuffs) to them.
  • Defending in cover (ie., behind stone wall or fence): Typically the unit defending will get the cover benefit – ie., the attacker is attempting to come over the wall and is more vulnerable.
  • Move down the fisticuff chart and add/modify dice as you go down the list. Ie., When applying the +100% Cavalry vs. Unformed Infantry Dice, apply after all other modifications above it.


V. Card Clarifications

  • Tiffin: (A) Alternate Moving/Firing Units (opposite side from the last card played goes first) (B) Check for loosing the bottle and resolve movement (C) Check for leader Casualties
  • Sharp Practice: Formations may either reload or fire. Ie., one group can not reload while the other fires.
  • Hop to it – can be used for either side and grants two extra action dice; ie., another move.


VI. Miscellaneous

  • Challenging/Calling a big man out: Must be within 12”

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