Shockley’s Village Scenario Brief

“Shockley’s Village”

Scenario Brief


Northwestern Spain, Near the Portuguese Border, Early Spring, 1809


Background: As Soult’s French Forces invade Portugal, the Spanish-Portugal Border is in turmoil. Innocent civilians flee for their lives as the French plunder the border villages for food and supplies.


Situation: Our Hero, Lt. Shockley, finds himself in command of an adhoc force of British & Spanish troops. He has been ordered to facilitate the evacuation of Civilians & Supplies located at “Villabuena”. Unfortunately, largely due to the slow pace of his Spanish Allies, by the time his force reaches the Village it has already been occupied by the French. He is faced with a multi-faceted dilemma: (1) He is charged with freeing the Civilians in Villabuena ; (2) The precious supplies that he is charged with “liberating” are in the hands of the French; (3) The Bridge which is to be used for the British supply line is in enemy hands; (4) Shockley’s best girl, Margarita, has been taken by French Lieutenant Goodenot who has less than honorable intentions.


Order of Battle:

British: Shockley (III) (Charismatic, Handsome) commands his personal unit of 6 Chosen Men (95th Rifles) (Elite w/ Rifles), 4 Sections (12 each) of British Line Center Company Troops (Good w/ Muskets), 1 Section Flank Coy Troops (Elite w/ Muskets). He also has 2 Spanish Sections (12 each) (Regular w/ Muskets) and a 6# gun and crew. He is assisted by Lt. Danforth (II), Lt. Tippet (II), Sgt. Barret (I), Sgt. Major Forsyth (I), and a Spanish Officer, Teniente Castañeda (I). Shockley is stature 5, all others are 4.


French: Capitan Alvord (III) commands a force of 3 sections (12 each) of French Fusiliers (Regular w/ Muskets); 2 Sections (12 each) of Voltigeres (Good w/ Muskets) and a 6# Gun and crew. He is assisted by Lieutenant Goodenot (II) (Charismatic), Sous-Lieutenant Pomeroy (II) and Sergent Champney (I). All French Big Men are stature 4.


Objectives: Shockley must attempt to liberate the village, bridge, supplies and above all else, save his best girl. The French will attempt to defend the village and bridge, while moving the supplies and civilians off board. Lt. Goodenot will attempt to woo Margarita or at least keep her from Shockley.


Victory: The game ends after 4 hours. The side that achieves the most vp’s at games end will win the scenario.

·        French are awarded 1 vp for moving the supplies off their friendly map edge.

·        French are awarded 1 vp for moving the captured Spanish civilians off their friendly map edge.

·        Either side is awarded 1 vp for control of the bridge

·        Either side is awarded 1 vp for control of the village

·        British are awarded 1 vp for recapturing the supplies

·        British are awarded 1 vp for liberating the civilians

·        British are awarded 1 vp if Shockley frees Margarita before she falls in love with Goodenot.


Set Up: Game map depicts a 4’x8′ playing surface. The British hold 2 “Hop to It” and One “Thin Red Line Card” at game start. All units except 3 British groups behind stream/bridge start deployed on the map. The 3 British unit on the left, behind the stream/bridge may start on blinds.

Sharp Practice Cards: British: 3 x (I), 2 x (II), 1 x (III), French: 1x (I), 1 x (II), 1 x (III), Sharp Practice, Various Leader Cards, Blind, Tiffin cards.


Special Rules:

·        British Colors: Any British/Spanish Big Man within 12” of the British Colors may use an extra initiative for being inspired.

·        Cover: Due to the poor condition of the walls, all cover (walls, woods, etc.) on the game map is considered soft/light (-50% to firers dice). All walls are low.

·        Terrain Penalties: All terrain is mild (forest, stream, slopes, etc.) and costs -1 pip to each movement die.

·        Obstacles: Walls, etc. cost 1d to cross.

·        “Control” (or recapturing) is defined as no enemy troops touching the objective. Control is negated for either side if enemy troops (big men do not count) are touching the objective.

·        Margarita: Shockley’s best girl will move with Goodenot; until he is defeated by duel or is killed in some other manner. Once freed, she may move towards Shockley @2d6” per Tiffin. Shockley has considered to “free” her when they are in base to base contact. If Goodenot charms her before she can be freed, then the British may not “free” her and may not collect the 2vp’s.

·        Civilians: Move on Tiffin @ 2d6”. Terrified, they will try to move off of French map edge unless touched by British figure, whereupon they are considered liberated.

·        Munitions Wagon: Upon Tiffin, the wagon moves 2d6” along the dirt road, until it exits. Once it is contacted by an enemy stand, it may be moved by the new owner. If fired upon, roll randomly for hits on escort and/or horses. Note: Shock has no effect on the wagon’s move; just kills. Wagon will continue to move normal until all horses are killed. If one horse is killed the wagon will stop and can be moved no further until the dead horse can be cut loose by the escort. Task=12. If it’s escorts are killed, the wagon will move randomly 2d6” each turn, until friendly or unfriendly forces come within 1”. Then the wagon may come under that sides control and stopped or led @ as per normal move.


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  1. I like this scenario. Sounds like a great game. Thanks, Dean

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