“Retribution” : Hypothetical 1809 Peninsula Action


Somewhere near the Spanish-Portuguese Border; 1809

Hypothetical (Revised  4/25/10)

Lasalle Scenario by Faron Bell


Background: As a result of French Military operations in the area, guerilla activity has intensified and the French have dispatched General Devereux’s Division to deal with the problem. Devereux’s French Division is made up of a mix of conscripts, veteran and elite allied troops. Their mission is to burn out local farms in retribution for the guerrilla activity in the area. The British have countered this move by quickly marching Clowes’ Division to the area to protect the farms. It is the hope of the British to build support for the allied effort against the French. Clowes’ KGL/Portuguese Division is made up of solid troops, though the Portuguese Line Regiments are fatigued from marching all night.

Set Up: Both sides set up within deployment areas noted up to 6BW’s from the map edge. French Set Up and move first.

Victory Conditions: Basic game length is 14 Turns + any bonus turns.

“Retribution” has two possible sets of victory conditions: (1) If a player fails his army morale before the game ends, he loses. (2) Failing result #1, assess victory as follows: 1 VP is awarded to the side that controls (A) a Village square; (B) per Field controlled at games end. 1 VP is also awarded to the side that has fewer routed/eliminated units (regardless of type) at game’s end. The side with the most VP’s at games end wins.

Note: “Control” is defined as no enemy troops touching the objective. Control is negated for either side if enemy troops (Leaders do not count) are touching the objective. 

Special Morale Rule: At any time that a side has fewer fields under the control than the enemy, they must roll a morale check as if they had lost control of an objective (see “Lasalle”, page 91). This abstractly reflects the impact of local guerilla support, or the lack of, on the events surrounding this battle.

Terrain Notes:

  • Slopes are gentle and have no effect on movement.
  • Town squares are considered Hard Cover.
  • Walls are considered Hard Cover.
  • Fields are considered clear terrain for scenario purposes.


British Order of Battle

***SK Bases have already been assigned

Clowe’s 2nd Division; Clowes; Superior Commander; CR: 20” ; Break Point: >10

Mallory’s Brigade; Mallory +0; None

1st/1st KGL; Reliable/Exp/SK2

1st/2nd KGL; Reliable/Exp/SK2

1st/3rd KGL; Reliable/Exp/SK2

2nd/4th KGL; Reliable/Exp/SK2

RA 9# Medium Battery

Shockley’s Brigade; Shockley +1; * Good

1st/95th Rifles; Valiant/Exp/SK3

1st /42nd Highland; (+ Large) Valiant/Exp/SK3

1st/71st Highland; Valiant/Exp/SK3

RA 9# Medium Battery

Kirkwood’s Brigade; Kirkwood’s; +0; None

6th Port Line; Shaky /Ama/SK1 (Stats reflect Fatigue)

18th Port Line; Shaky /Ama/SK1 (Stats reflect Fatigue)

4th Cacadores; Reliable/Exp/SK3

Independent Cavalry Brigade: * Directly under Clowes’ Command 

Brunswick Hussars; Valiant/Exp/Pursuit

10th Hussars; Reliable/Exp/Pursuit

RHA 6# Medium Battery


French Order of Battle

Devereux 3rd Division; Devereux CR: 20” ; Break Point: >10

Goodenot’s Brigade; Goodenot +1; * Good

1st/39th Line; Reliable/Ama/SK 1

2nd/39th Line; Reliable/Ama/SK 1

3rd/39th Line; Reliable/Ama/SK 1

1st/69th Line; Reliable/Exp/SK 2

2nd/69th Line; Reliable/Exp/SK 2

3rd/69th Line; Reliable/Exp/SK 2

Divisional 8# Medium Battery

Kossecki’s Brigade ; Kossecki +1; * Good

1st/1st Vistula Legion; Valiant/Exp/SK 3

2nd/1st Vistula Legion; Valiant/Exp/SK 3

3rd/1st Vistula Legion; Valiant/Exp/SK 3

1st/32nd Light; Valiant/Exp/SK 3

Reserve 12# Heavy Battery

Lorrell’s Cavalry Brigade; Lorrell; +0; None

8th Dragoons; Rel/Exp/Shock/Pursuit

4th Chasseurs; Reliable/Exp/Pursuit

8th Chasseurs; Reliable/Exp/Pursuit

The game map is linked below; click for better view. Our 28mm troops are mounted on 2″ (50mm) Sabots. We use a 5′ wide x 8′ table for most of our games. Scale the map accordingly, depending on how your troops are mounted for Lasalle.


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