“No Room at the Inn” Lasalle Scenario brief

“No Room at the Inn

Northwestern Spain; Early 1809

Hypothetical (Revised 12/29/09)

Lasalle Scenario by Faron Bell 

Background: As Soult’s French Forces invade Portugal, the Spanish-Portugal Border is in turmoil. Innocent civilians flee for their lives as the French plunder the border villages for food and supplies. Shortly before dawn, two opposing advance divisions find each other marching towards a vital crossroads near the border. Lorell’s French Division is made up of a mix of conscripts, veteran and elite allied troops. They have the advantage of position with a Battalion of conscripts having reached the crossroads and taking up positions in and around a country inn. Lorell’s command structure is overburdened and lacks cohesion due to recently being re-organized. Clowes’ British/Portuguese Division is made up of solid troops, though the Portuguese Line Regiments are fatigued from marching all night. Clowes is a good commander, has capable subordinates and has a slight advantage in overall quality, especially with his extra light infantry skirmishers. 


Vital supplies and munitions are stored within the Church and are of great value to the French. The Inn and Hills are also points of interest for both sides as they serve to dominate the approaches to the crossroads. Flanking the battlefield by securing the bridge and, thus, access to the river is also desirable. 

Set Up: French set up first inside their deployment zones. They hold the Inn at game start and may deploy a battalion from the 39th Regiment within the Inn square. After the French deploy, the British set up inside their deployment zones. The British Move First. 

Special Notes: (1) British may use the superior commander rule. (2) Each side holds one re-roll marker and may use this marker at any time for any reason. Re-roll one batch of dice. The re-roll stands as the final result. Once a side uses its re-roll, it is permissible for the opposite side to declare it is using it’s re-roll. (3) A unit crossing the bridge must be in march column to move across or end its move on the bridge. (4) The river is passable and considered rough terrain. (5) The Inn and Church built up areas offer soft cover. 

Victory Conditions:

Basic game length is 14 Turns + any bonus turns.

“No Room in the Inn” has two possible sets of victory conditions: (1) If a player fails his army morale before the game ends, he looses. (2) Failing result #1, assess victory as follows: 1 VP is awarded to the side that controls (1) The Inn; (2) The Church; (3) each Hill (2 VP’s total). (4) and the Bridge. 1 VP is also awarded to the side that has fewer routed/eliminated units (regardless of type) at game’s end. The side with the most VP’s at game end win. 

Note: “Control” (or recapturing) is defined as no enemy troops touching the objective. Control is negated for either side if enemy troops (big men do not count) are touching the objective.

British Order of Battle

***SK Bases have already been assigned

Clowe’s 2nd Division; Clowes; Superior Commander; CR: 20” ; Break Point: 9 

Mallory’s Brigade; Mallory +0; None

1st/29th; Reliable/Exp/SK2

1st/48th; Reliable/Exp/SK2

1st/57th; Reliable/Exp/SK2

Brunswick Hussars; Valiant/Exp/Pursuit

RA 9# Medium Battery 

Shockley’s Brigade; Shockley +1; * Good

1st/95th Rifles; Valiant/Exp/SK3

2nd/52nd; Reliable/Exp/SK3

1st/38th; Reliable/Exp/SK3

1st/61st; Reliable/Exp/SK3 

Kirkwood’s Brigade; Kirkwood’s; +0; None

6th Port Line; Shaky /Ama/SK1 (Stats reflect Fatigue)

18th Port Line; Shaky /Ama/SK1 (Stats reflect Fatigue)

4th Cacadores; Reliable/Exp/SK3

10th Hussars; Reliable/Exp/Pursuit

RHA 6# Medium Battery

French Order of Battle

Lorell’s 3rd Division; Lorell CR: 20” ; Break Point: 8                          

Goodenot’s Brigade; Goodenot +1; * Good

1st/39th Line; Reliable/Ama/SK 1

2nd/39th Line; Reliable/Ama/SK 1

3rd/39th Line; Reliable/Ama/SK 1

1st/69th Line; Reliable/Exp/SK 2

2nd/69th Line; Reliable/Exp/SK 2

3rd/69th Line; Reliable/Exp/SK 2

Divisional 8# Medium Battery 

Kossecki’s Brigade ; Kossecki +0; None

1st/1st Vistula Legion; Valiant/Exp/SK 3

2nd/1st Vistula Legion; Valiant/Exp/SK 3

3rd/1st Vistula Legion; Valiant/Exp/SK 3

Reserve 12# Heavy Battery (Yeah, I know they were not supposed to be here, but hey its hypothetical, okay!) 

Independent Cavalry; * Directly under Lorell’s Command

8th Dragoons; Rel/Exp/Shock/Pursuit

4th Chasseurs; Reliable/Exp/Pursuit

NOTE: The map is attached below. The game was designed around the 28mm troops that I have available, mounted on 2″ sq sabots/bases. Adjust the board size accordingly.

Game map:


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