General Brief and Special Rules

“For King, Country and Sugar” Pre-Game Brief

Revised 8/30/08


General Scenario Background: 1774: Scenario occurs just prior to the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War. The French are sympathetic to the American cause. King Louis XVI has decided to supply a limited number of guns, powder and munitions to the American Militia that are forming in the Colonies. Martinique Island has been chosen as the home base for this clandestine operation. Unfortunately for the French, the British Privateer, “Black Fin,” sank the “Trieste” which was carrying some of these munitions to the colonies. The operation has been discovered and the British are seeking to teach the French a lesson in meddling with the affairs of the colonies.


Note – Napoleonic Era: I see no reason that this scenario could not be used for a later time period. Martinique was under French rule: 1764 thru 1794; 1803 thru 1809. Use a premise that the Island is supporting Privateer Operatons during the Napoleonic Wars.


Disclaimer: I make no promises of historical accuracy in “For King, Country and Sugar.” The premise of the game was chosen for the simple goal of presenting an interesting game using Richard’s fine Sharp Practice rules at a local gaming convention and to utilize the 25mm figures that I had in my collection. 

Mounting: The figures we are using were originally mounted for another system and are based 3-4 figs per stand. The rules depict figures based on single bases. We found it to be an advantage, however, to have the line troops mounted 3-4 figs per base, since you typically move line units togther anyway – only our light troops are mounted on single bases. This is also why there are multiple flag bearers shown in our pics – these were the figs that I already had and of course the flags look cool even if ahistorical at this scale.


Game Board: The area represented by the table set up depicts Governor Marques Dubois’ Plantation. It lies within sight of the Martinique Southern Coastline (off board).


Game Length: There is a 4 hour time limit for the game. At the end of 4 hours, finish the current Initiative, stop the game and count up the victory “tokens.”


Game Map: The map shows where the main terrain features of the plantation and surrounding area. Stone walls (Heavy cover) surround the courtyard of the main house, barn and the small field near the British center. Wooden Fences surround the other fields (soft cover). Green areas are clusters of palm trees (3” diameter) and offer soft cover (if the unit is 50% concealed) but do not block LOS. Buildings and hills block LOS. The 24# gun is in an emplacement (heavy cover) and has a 90 degree field of fire.


Force Rosters: At the time of this writing, we are still experimenting with the # of Big Men and Nettle Cards. V2 of the Rosters has a reduced # of Big Men and will be playtested upon our next session. We used 7 Nettle Cards per side during our first playtest.


Note: My units are mostly mounted for another rule system on bases of 3-4 figs per base. Lights and specialty figures are mounted on single bases. The Force Roster shows “dots” as each figure represented. The bracketed “dots” represent bases w/ 3-4 figs per base.


British Hold Cards: (1) Troublesome Monkeys (Opponent Looses turn), Thin Red Line

French Hold Cards: (1) Hop to it!, Re-roll


Special Scenario Rules:

  • Tiffin: Move the Wagon, Governor (random 2d6”) & Mon Seigneur – Buschardae gets 3d6 on his movement dice. All special characters ignore obstacles and terrain.
  • Governor: Starts at Mansion – will move 2d6” at random (acting erratically). Once he comes within 2” of a group, he will take command of that group or formation by permanently attaching himself to it. Upon drawing the Tiffin card, his unit will continue to close with the nearest enemy unit and attempt to bring fire on the enemy. He has no leadership skills or abilities. Other officers may be attached to remove shock, but no one may usurp/outrank the Governor, once he is attached to that unit. Note: If the Governor is within 6” of enemy troops, then he will run directly backwards upon his move. If the Governor is killed or captured, the British gain 2 tokens.
  • Graveyard: For the French only – the men are spooked by ghost stories surrounding this graveyard and area. Can not move within 6” of Graveyard.
  • Completing Tasks: All tasks require a “12” to complete. Tasks would include spiking the 24# gun, Destroying the Bridge, “Firing” the house or barn, destroying the wagon, putting out a fire (requires a water card), etc.. Note: Once the buildings are “Fired” the British gain credit for the victory conditions.
  • Munitions Wagon: Upon Tiffin, the wagon moves 1d6” along the road, until it exits. Once it is contacted by an enemy stand, then it will stop until (a) it’s destroyed or (B) the stand leaves, whereupon it may begin moving again. If fired upon, roll randomly for hits on escort and/or horses. Note: Shock has no effect on wagon’s move just kills. Wagon will continue to move normal until all horses killed. If one horse is killed the wagon will stop and can be moved no further until the dead horse can be cut loose by the escort. Task=12. If both escorts are killed, wagon will move randomly 2d6” each turn, until friendly or unfriendly forces come within 1”. Then the wagon may come under that sides control and stopped or lead of @ 1d6” per turn.
  • Privateers, Marines, Escort and Artillery may only be commanded by their Big Man or the Captain/Capitan unless he/she has been eliminated. Capitan/Captain may command Marines and/or Artillery at any time but not the Escort or Privateers, unless their leader has been eliminated.
  • Duchess, “Black Fin” Captain may only command their own troops.


















Special Missions:


Sgt. Major Clowes


Special Mission: While stationed in Europe, The Sergent’s Wife was refused Holy Communion by Mon Seigneur Buschardae and was socially embarrassed. Sgt. Clowes wishes to teach the Priest a lesson.

Special rules: Find the Priest and shoot him in the leg (one initiative – normal musket rules, hit = auto leg hit – remove M.S. from game).

Victory token: Successful completion of this task will yield one victory token.


Sgt. Sommerville


Special Mission: Sommerville overheard a rumor that a large amount of gold & jewels has been hidden in a secret basement under the barn. These proceeds are the result of years of corruption from the Governor’s misdeeds.

Special Rules: Move to the Barn, execute a task,  (Roll 2d6 = “8”) which will secure the loot.

Victory Token: The British side receives one token for completing this task BEFORE the Barn is set afire.


Sergent Champney


Special Mission: Being somewhat of a drun…err…uh…social drinker, you have the sudden urge for a drink.

Special Rules: There is liquor aboard the supply wagon. Close to base contact with it (before it is destroyed or exits the board), use an initiative point and secure your drink. Feeling much better, you fight the rest of the battle with the ability to re-roll any one die per your activation.

Victory Token: Completing your mission will yield a victory point to your side.


Captain Smythe


Special Mission: Hey, lets be honest – were really Pirates. We’re here for the gold!.

Special Rules: (1) Captain Smythe will seek to search the Governors Mansion for the cash strongbox. Move into contact w/ Mansion (before it is set afire). Complete Task (Roll 2d6 = “8.”) (2) The Captain Must remain within 10” of Privateers at all times.

Victory Token: Completing this task awards the British side one token.



Lieutenant Guischard


Special Mission: The Marines were assigned aboard the “Trieste” when she was sank a few days ago by the Privateer “Black Fin.” Lt. Guischard and his men have pledged revenge upon the Privateers.

Special Rules: The Marines desire to bring battle to the Privateers.

Victory Tokens: One victory token is awarded if the Marines close to 6” and bring fire (or fists) to the Privateers. If the Privateers are routed (completely lose their bottle) while the Marines are participating in the battle w/ the privateers, then a second token is awarded.



Sous-Lieutenant Delauney


Special Mission: You have been previously gilted by the lovely German Herzogin (Duchess) Luisa. In retribution of your pain and suffering, you seek to give her a proper spank….err…uh…scolding!

Special Rules: Close to within 1”, use an initiative point and capture your prize. Luisa will then be forced to accompany you, though her escort will still be active and can be lead by another British Big Man.

Victory Token: If you survive the battle with Luisa in tow, then your side will receive one token.


Herzogin (Duchess) Luisa


Special Mission: While in Europe, Luisa fell in love with Governor Dubois’ Secretary. She has come ashore to find her lost love.

Special Rules: Luisa must move to the bridge, cross (before destroyed) and exit the board to find him in a nearby village.

Victory Tokens: She must survive with at least one of her escort figures. This special mission yields a token to the British side


Mon Seigneur Buschardae


Special Mission: The Monsignor has a sincere desire to bring Religion to the poor lost souls of the Privateer “Black Fin.” Just by looking at the poor lot, one is able to tell that they are in need of Religion!

Special Rules: On activation the good Father moves 2d6”. Once he is within 6” of any one of the Privateers, he begins to preach. Privateers (anywhere within 18”) are compelled to listen for 1 turn (skip their turn), then roll 1d6 (@ Tiffin) to see how many are converted and follow the priest back to the Monastery (remove priest & converted privateers).

Victory Token: Completing this mission is worth 1 token

for the French side.


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