British Brief

“For King, Country and Sugar”

British Brief – revised 8/30/08


Martinique Islands, Caribbean, 1774



The British Admiralty learns that firearms and munitions are being smuggled into the Colonies via a route based out of French held Martinique Island. Several Warships and the Privateer “Black Fin” are dispatched to the Island carrying a British Army landing force. Comprised of two ad hoc companies of infantry and supported by artillery, the landing force is placed under the command of the able Captain Talbot.


Capt. Talbot is ordered to “fire” the Governors Plantation, destroy the bridge, seize any munitions found and destroy the artillery emplacement positioned nearby. This mission is intended to teach the French a lesson in not meddling with the affairs of the colonies.



Shortly before dawn, Capt. Talbot lands ashore near the Governor’s Plantation. He is accompanied by a landing party from the Privateer “Black Fin” along with several companies of infantry, and a 6 pound cannon. He is, unfortunately, also accompanied by the German Herzogin (Duchess) Luise who has demanded to come ashore along with her escort of Jagers. 



The French are know to have a sizable garrison in a nearby Fortification. The Governor’s Plantation is assumed to have no more than a half-dozen guards and the 24 pound cannon which occupies an emplacement overlooking the coast and the Plantation. The Cannon is thought to be unserviceable and out of action.


Note: As the scenario begins, it is evident that the French have spotted the British ships offshore and have dispatched a force which is marching towards the plantation.



The British Admiral, Sir Ockley, has ordered you to set fire to the Governors Plantation (Main house & Barn). He has also ordered you to destroy the gun emplacement and any munitions found in the area. Lastly, he has instructed you to destroy the Bridge that crosses the stream to the Northeast.



The victor will be determined by having acquired more victory points (tokens) than the opposing force. Though Capt. Talbot has several overriding objectives, certain parties that accompany Talbot may also have their own objectives. All objectives that are successfully acquired or completed by the British Force, known or unknown, count towards their side’s total.


·        Each Plantation building set afire: 2 tokens (Main House & Barn = 4 tokens).

·        Destroying the 24 pounder: 1 token

·        Seizing/Destroying Munitions: 1 token

·        Destroying the Bridge: 1 token

·        Each enemy group Routed at games end: 1 token

·        Capturing or Eliminating the Governor: 2 Tokens

·        Calling out a chosen man: – 1 token, each instance


Special Rules:

·        Setting fire to a building, destroying a bridge, cannon, etc., will require an action and successful completion of a task. All tasks require a score of “12” to be successful.



·        1 figure = 1 man; 1 stand = “squad” ; 3 squads/stands = section (group); 2 sections/groups = platoon; 2 platoons = company (largest formation allowed)


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