French Brief

“For King, Country and Sugar”

French Brief – Revised 8/30/08


Martinique Islands, Caribbean, 1774



King Louis XVI has decided to supply a limited number of guns, powder and munitions to the American Militia that are forming in the Colonies. Martinique Island has been selected as the base for the clandestine operation. Several weeks ago the French armed Merchant, “Trieste,” was reported as being lost in a running battle with the British Privateer, “Black Fin.” She was loaded with contraband destined for New England. It is presumed that the British have learned of her cargo and port of origination. The Governor, Marques Dubois, has placed his garrison on alert status.



During the late watches, lookouts report a squadron of British Warships off the Southern Coast of Martinique, dangerously close to the Marque’s Plantation. The Garrison Commander orders Capitan Reynard to form up a contingent of troops and march towards the Plantation and secure it from any enemy aggression. The good Capitan sets off towards the plantation with a section of Marines, light infantry and several companies of line troops. The Clergyman, Buschardae, asks to accompany Reynard to “lend a hand.” The 24 pounder occupying a fortified position near the plantation is also ordered readied.



A local fisherman reports seeing a large force of men landing on the nearby Southern Shores just before dawn. He states that he heard the rumble of cannon, horses and equipment. He estimates a force of over 200 men. If true, this force would largely outnumber those of Reynard’s but he is torn between scouting the situation himself or calling for reinforcements. If this is a diversion, the garrison commander will need the rest of his men to defend the fort.


Note: As the scenario begins, Reynard has decided to occupy the Plantation and bring battle to whatever British forces approach. He knows that by committing his force, he will forgo any hope of immediate reinforcements.



Reynard is honor bound to save the Marques’ property from any harm. He realizes also, that holding the Gun Emplacement will help defend the area from further naval assault. Furthermore, a loaded wagon of munitions is moving up the road and must be protected as well as a nearby bridge.



The victor will be determined by having acquired more victory points (tokens) than the opposing force. Though Capitan Reynard has several overriding objectives, certain parties that accompany Reynard may also have their own objectives. All objectives that are successfully acquired or completed by the British Force, known or unknown, count towards their side’s total.


·        Each Plantation building protected: 1 token (Main House & Barn = 2 tokens).

·        Exiting the Munitions offboard (North Edge): 1 token.

·        Holding the Bridge at Scenario End: 1 token.

·        Each enemy group Routed at games end: 1 token

·        Calling out a chosen man: – 1 token, each instance



·        1 figure = 1 man; 1 stand = “squad” ; 3 squads/stands = section (group); 2 sections/groups = platoon; 2 platoons = company (largest formation allowed)


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