Christmas “Domes” for 2013

A few years ago, I began making these for the special people in my life…sometimes they are purely whimsical and sometimes they have a hidden meaning, special to me and/or the person receiving…many of the figures are Darksword 28mm miniatures…some are from the “Hasselfree” line…

Loralee's" "What Troubles thee?"

Loralee’s” “What Troubles thee?”

Loralee's: What Troubles Thee" Alternate view

Loralee’s: What Troubles Thee” Alternate view

Betsy's: ""Afraid of the Dark"

Betsy’s: “”Afraid of the Dark”

Tom's: "Basilhare and Earakorn"

Tom’s: “Basilhare and Earakorn”

Eckert's: "Bad Kitties"

Eckert’s: “Bad Kitties”

Bobby's: "Batman in Classic Costume"

Bobby’s: “Batman in Classic Costume”

Bobby's: "The Dark Knight"

Bobby’s: “The Dark Knight”

Creecy's: "Break Time at the Mini Mart"

Creecy’s: “Break Time at the Mini Mart”

Creecy's: "Break Time at the Mini-Mart" alternate view

Creecy’s: “Break Time at the Mini-Mart” alternate view

Greg's" "Trouble at Pirate's Cove"

Greg’s” “Trouble at Pirate’s Cove”

Mom's: "The Parley"

Mom’s: “The Parley”

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