Battlefront vs. Gaming Models Miniature comparison

To be up front and honest, I have always been a huge Battlefront Fan….I have never owned or painted any 15mm WW2 models other than BF’s….on a whim, I decided to order some of the Gaming Models Resin tank miniatures to see what they looked like…you judge for yourself….to be fair, the BF’s have my paint job and some extra “bits” to detail the BF models while the Gaming Models are right out of the “box”….the JagdPz IV GM’s are unpainted….the Stug IIIG & T-34/85 have the stock GM paint job. The Stug IIIG from Gaming Models is much smaller (even more so in “real life”) than its BF counterpart…the JagdPz IV from GM is much wider than the BF version…the BF’s pictured are the short 75mm version while the GM’s pictured have the L/70…overall, the GM T-34 looks decent (note: I do not own any BF Russians for quality & size comparison) as does the JagdPZ IV….the only real complaint is that some of the guns are bent such that the soft plastic is warped and cant be bent straight…crooked guns on about 20% of the vehicles I ordered. The cost is $4 per model for GM’s vs. $12+ for BF’s….I received a polite e-mail when the GM’s were shipped and received my order in about 2.5 weeks….the GM’s can be ordered painted or unpainted (same cost eitherway)…the Russian paint job is okay…I do not care for the German Yellow-Tan shade as it looks “off” to me…my assessment would be to use GM’s where a large # of vehicles are needed (Ie., Russians) and/or cost is a factor…. whereas w/ Germans I would be more apt to collect the BF’s…my 2 cents worth…


One Response to “Battlefront vs. Gaming Models Miniature comparison”

  1. John Judd Says:

    The Game Models can look very good when repainted and with some decals and additions such as extra tracks, tools, baggage etc. and the price is right.

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