Battlefront Panzergrenadier boxed set

I painted up a BF Panzergrenadier Platoon this week….though the cost is a bit steep @ $60 +/-, I really enjoyed working these up….I love the BF figures & vehicles…they paint up rather nice….still getting back into 15’s, but im starting to get comfortable painting them again…The figures required some prep work as some of the BF molds must be getting old…fair amount of flash & trash to clean…but I like the size & bulk of the figs vs. my other Old Glory Germans that I remounted for FoW….The halftracks were mostly plastic, w/ a resin hull…lots of extra stowage items…I really got a kick out of the gear hanging from the sides of the vehicles…BF has done a good job with the extra stowage items…some of the crates were out of my “bitz” box, but the helmets & such were included in the platoon box…fun project…working on 2 x 7.5cm ATG’s next & then some Marder III M’s….


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