This Week’s FoW Progress

Work is muderous here lately, but I did manage to paint a Platoon of 5 x Mk IV H’s….these models were from the BF Platoon boxed set and come with some nice extras….decals…stowage bits….open or closed hatches w/ a Tank Commander…and the rare earth turret magnets….the plastic Shurzen side plates are a royal pain, but look cool once they are in place….I had fun doing these up….taking a break the rest of the week from painting to read rules for our Game Session on 5/21….hoping to get a few of these on the table in our 1500 pt Mid-War game….


2 Responses to “This Week’s FoW Progress”

  1. Excellent work…. let’s see now…. does this turret move and the gun go up and down?

  2. Hey!
    Fantastic paint! Very well done.

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