Flames of War Progress

Shifting gears a bit from my usual 28mm Napoleonic painting…..I have spent the past week painting some Battlefront 15mm German Vehicles and remounting all of my Old Glory 15’s to FoW stands….Managed to do up 2 Stug III G’s, a Mark IV H, 3 Flakpanzer 38 (t)’s and a pair of Sd Kfz 7/1 Quad 2cm’s…..obviously an anti-air theme going on here…..gearing up for a 1500 point Mid-War game later in the month…..Late War is my favorite period, but Mid-War is the next best thing…:>)


6 Responses to “Flames of War Progress”

  1. Richard Grove Says:

    Great looking stuff Faron. Having your mountain of BF stuff made getting into FOW a bit easier… a little elbow grease and ‘poof!’ instant kraut army! Look forward to seeing it in action.

  2. I would like to place a bid on this army of $500 as it should be sold within the year based on Faron’s luck. Although the paint job is superior, paint will not protect it from the armies of the righteous Motherland and the Great Patriotic War – Kommissar Tomsky

  3. basilhare Says:

    Well, actually some of these figs & misc are about 8 years old….

  4. Is a basilhair something we should take antibiotics for?

    • What is a basilhare anyway? Doesn’t anyone see a preoccupation with T34’s above… or is it just me? And look, some of the tanks are falling apart… is anyone out there?

  5. Staples… staples… we don need no estinking staples….

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