Command & Colors Napoleonics: “Waterlitz” – Waterloo Scenario Conversion to 6mm Miniatures

I have had a collection of 6mm French, French-Allied & Austrian figures for years. I recently bought the new Command & Colors Napoleonics boardgame and just had to try converting it into a miniature game. I bought a custom hand stenciled 3″ hex mat from “Action Terrain” ( @ $30.00 (includes shipping). I have a “Hotz Mat” on order as well, but good grief they are slow. I received my felt mat from Action in 7 days. In any case, my collection of 6mm figures are mounted on 2″ stands (for Grande Armee) and so I went with 3″ hexes. I decided to build the Waterloo scenario but use my Austrians and French Minor Allies for the “Allied” side (not having any 6mm Brits) along side my French figs. Im calling this project “Waterlitz” since there are Austrians instead of Brits…..

I bought 3″ Litko Hex Stands for building the terrain pieces and constructed the necessary hills & forest hexes. I wanted a way to show the units deployed into the forests so I made the forest terrain pieces with a removable 2″ center so that I could place my units on the 3″ hex tile. I think it worked well…The towns are from JR Miniatures and work well for the game map. I will use an off map display to show deployed troops so that I dont have to remove the buildings.

All units are labeled as to type & starting strength (the camera flash washed out the labels – sorry). We will use numbered beads to display strength, once losses occur. Rich & I plan to play Saturday and I will update as to the results of the game.


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