4th Italian Line Marches off the painting table…

First of my newest Italian Line Battalions off the painting table. I used Pre-1812 28mm Front Rank French Figs in campaign dress based on suggestions for figs off TMP. These are painted in the uniforms of the 4th Italian Line, circa 1809. Will use along side my French for our Peninsula Lasalle & Sharp Practice Games. The flag is from GMB.
Update: Went back and repainted the shakos to the correct colors for the fusiliers, deleting the red trim. Also added a second battalion…working on the 3rd & final line battalion…still need to do the artillery and a light battalion to make up an Italian Allied support choice for the French, under the Lasalle system.

2 Responses to “4th Italian Line Marches off the painting table…”

  1. John Snead Says:

    Do you have any painting guides for the Italian artillery that you are planning on painting? These look incredibly nice!

    John Snead

  2. basilhare Says:

    Hi John & Thanks. I have not found a good online source for artillery…I have some Osprey Books and the Hourtoule (sp?) books…will start there…I have been side tracked by a sudden interest in Flames of War…hopefully get back to Naps this summer or Fall.

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