Supply Train! Game 2

In honor of my good friend Tom McBrayer’s B-Day, we gathered the clan and played another game of “Supply Train!”, using the Lasalle rules with 28mm figs. Jim Grifford broke out his most excellently painted Victrix KGL & Highlanders to compliment my stock of Brits, Portuguese and Brunswick Troops. I GM’d the game while the Allied side was run by Jim Grifford (Center & British Left) & Rich Grove (British Right). My 28mm French troops (mostly Front Rank w/ some Perry Plastic) were ran by the McBrayer’s. Tom ran the French conscripts on the left, while his son Jim ran the center and Brad ran the right. Despite the humidity, heat & plague of insects (lots of rain lately) in my garage, we braved the elements and had a good time. We brought the game to conclusion in about 4 hours, managing 14 turns. The French turned the British right & left flank and caused heavy casualities in the process. Rich & Jim gave a good game and caused substantial French losses, especially in the center, but the day was clearly the French’s as they managed to get the supply convoy off the road. I had a great time – very hard fought game.


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