28mm Perry Brunswick Line Battalion

I diverted from my preferred Front Rank figs and painted up a unit of 28mm Perry metal Brunswick troops in 1815 uniforms. Overall, the Perrys are very nice figs but the typical Perry fiddly flash lessens my enjoyment of the miniatures. I find Front Rank a much cleaner figure to paint and work with. In any case, I attempted a multi shade of black-black grey base uniform scheme whereby I hoped to overcome the mundane nature of the Black uniforms. I think I was somewhat successful, though at typical game eyeball distance they look…err…uh…BLACK! I guess thats the way it should be…..I’ll use the Brunswickers in my Lasalle and Sharp Practice games along side Jim’s Victrix or my own Front Rank Brits, even if the uniforms wont be correct for our Peninsula games. I have another line unit and a guard unit to paint up along with an artillery battery. This would allow me to field a Brunswick support brigade for Lasalle or half the forces needed for a typical Sharp’s game…


One Response to “28mm Perry Brunswick Line Battalion”

  1. Grumpygamer (Grove) Says:

    Another praiseworthy effort Faron, I think youve found your nitch! Sorry I couldnt be there to see it in person. Wondering which of the systems you prefer now that you’ve experimented with both LaSalle and Sharps?

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