“Retribution” : Lasalle 1809 Peninsula Scenario

“Retribution” After Action Report

We gathered around the game table on Saturday once again to play “Lasalle” in 28mm living color. We gamed another Hypothetical Peninsula Scenario called “Retribution” designed around the 28mm painted troops that we have in our collection. The game featured the debut of Jim’s newly painted Victrix KGL & Highlander units. He did an awesome job on them and they will enhance our group’s collection immensely. Mike & I played the French/Vistula Poles & Jim ran the British/KGL/Portuguese.

The premise of “Retribution” is that the French have detached a supported Division to retaliate against guerilla activity in the area. The British counter the move by sending a Division of their own to the area to support the locals. The victory conditions feature a mechanism much like the standard “objective marker” which influences army morale but is centered around control of the farm/fields situated down the center of the board.

The scenario is designed to be a balanced meeting engagement and opened with the French Cavalry moving towards the KGL Brigade on the British Right/French Left. The KGL quickly & efficiently squared up and stalemated the advancing French Chasseurs & Dragoons for much of the game. Meanwhile, the French Line advanced in the center but were countered by Jim’s Highlanders and the 95th Rifles. On the far French Right, the Vistula Legion moved to threaten two of the field objectives but quickly ran into trouble when Jim brought up a regiment each of British & Brunswick Hussars.

Mid Game French Right: The Vistula Legion and the attached Battalion of French Lights tangled with the Hussars and would eventually become engaged with Portuguese as well. The French Reserve 12lb artillery caused some damage to the Portuguese who were advancing in March column, but the stalwart Portuguese continued their advance.

Mid Game Center: The 42nd Highlanders and 95th Rifles engaged the 3 French conscript battalions of the 39th Line and began to cause casualties with their superior rifle & musketry supported by a 9lb Foot Battery. The French held but were becoming increasingly disorganized under heavy fire.

Mid Game French Left: The unsupported French Light Cavalry Brigade was completely stalemated as the KGL continued their deployment in square formation. The French reformed and charged several times only to be repulsed in each melee. A single battalion of experienced French 69th line troops attempted to support the cavalry along with a 8lb divisional battery, but the KGL continued to hold thru mid game with relative ease & confidence.

Late Game French Right: The Vistula Legion and an attached French Legere battalion’s advance began to stall as the two Hussar regiments charged supported by the Portuguese Line & Cacadore Lt. Infantry battalions and also supported by a 6lb RHA battery. A Vistula Battalion was overrun as it failed to form square and the flank was eventually turned as the Legion Brigade Commander, Kossecki, was killed in action. The remaining Vistula Legion battalion continued to fight valiantly surrounded by the Hussars and Portuguese.

Late Game French Center: The 42nd Highlanders crossed a stone wall and advanced on the 39th French Line and utterly destroyed a battalion as they met across a stone wall that bordered one of the field objectives. The 95th likewise was successful in overrunning a conscript battalion of the same regiment as they moved towards a French held village square. The French Colonel, Goodenot, was killed in action as he tried to rally his conscripts against the 95th’s onslaught. The 95th continued their assault on towards the French held village square but was repulsed. Meanwhile, the 42nd pierced the French center and began to turn towards their left flank. The French countered by bringing up a battalion of the experienced 69th Line which halted the 42nd, at least temporarily.

Late Game French Left: The French Dragoons finally gained traction as it charged and broke a KGL Line battalion, supported by the 69th. The British Right was compromised and pierced by the valiant charge and was in serious trouble. The valiant charge was too little, too late as the French failed their army morale after exceeding their breakpoint. The Field Morale Objective was also about kick in as well, as the British controlled more of the local farms & fields than the French (this also triggers an objective army morale roll).

Another enjoyable & hard fought scenario. We played 14 turns in about 4 hours with 10 infantry battalions, 2-3 cavalry regiments & 2-3 artillery batteries per side. We thought the hypothetical scenario worked well (see also “No Room at the Inn”) and prefer these to the “quick set up tournament style games”. The “Lasalle” rules continue to be a favorite within our game group. We think the rules are clean & elegant and, most importantly, fun to play!

As mentioned earlier, the KGL and Highlander troops were painted by Jim Grifford and are 28mm Victrix. The remainder of the British, Portuguese, French and Vistula Legion figures are mostly Front Rank with a few Perry Plastics and were painted by yours truly.

Click link for scenario: https://basilhare.wordpress.com/lasalle-28mm-petit-tactical-napoleonics/retribution-hypothetical-1809-peninsula-action/


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