28mm French Legere Infantry for Sharp Practice & Lasalle

I finally finished a Front Rank 28mm French Legere Infantry unit that I have been working on for several weeks. The Holidays have slowed my painting progress down a bit and I think I am ready for a break. I plan to use these figs for both Sharp Practice and Lasalle. The figs are all Front Ranks and are individually mounted on 1″ Litko 3mm bases. I use custom made Litko Skirmish Trays for Sharp Practice (Groups of 12 figs) and 2″ Litko 3mm Sabots with 4 figs to a base when playing Lasalle. I get more bang for the buck that way. I took a look at numerous uniform sources and painted the figs up to be more of a generic light infantry unit vs. a specific regiment.


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