Mil-Con 12 Shockley’s Village

Photo Credits to Clay, Mike & Richard

I ran two games of “Shockley’s Village Revisited” at Millenium Con 12 in Round Rock, Texas (Near Austin) on November 6 & 7. The games went off very well and I had lots of favorable comments on the game and lots of interest in TFL’s “Sharp Practice” Rules. Many people walked up and commented that they owned the rules but had never played them. Reading between the lines, it seemed that some were not sure how to pull a game off. In any case, I think all the players had a good time, I know I certainly did. I was very pleased at how the game ran for both sessions. SP played very smooth and fit, perfectly, for the 4 hour game slot that it was designed for. Highlights included:

  • French Dragoons charge a British formation in line of 2 groups in the flank and narrowly loose (6 dragoons vs. 23 Brit Inf).
  • British Hussars charge the dismounted French Dragoons and kill them to a man.
  • Random event causes Mallory to retreat taking 2 groups of Brits with him to the board edge.
  • Shockley calls out Goodenot to duel on the open field and is killed, only to shake it off later and be revived on a “By Jove, my Pocket Bible saved me” card.
  • British assault Villabuena and carry the wall, taking the town.
  • a French Fusilier group attempts to come thru gate to counterattack but is repelled.
  • The French dismounted Dragoons assault the barn and capture one of the horses only to be driven back under close range artillery fire.
  • French Voltigeres attempt to assault the Spanish guerillas, but fail to close. They stand there and exchange fire at point blank range for several turns (cards).
  • Goodenot manages to charm Shockley’s best girl (Margarita) in the 2nd game but his advances were handily rebuffed in the 1st game…poor Shockley did not recover his girl in either game.

First game was a Brit Victory 3:1 and saw a good run thru of the game deck for most turns, before Tiffin came up. Second game was a draw @ 3:3 with Tiffin coming up very early on mnay of the turns. We used only one Tiffin Card.

All in all, I had a blast…I think the players did too….great gaming Convention….

See sidebar under “Shockley’s Village Revisited” for the scenario or click this link and then click the briefing and map links….


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