Litko Custom Skirmish Trays

I like to use skirmish trays with my Sharp Practice games. I find it much more convenient to move groups/units around the table top with trays. When necessary, you can always “dismount” your individual stands and place on the table top as single figs. In any case, I had purchased a GW movement tray “kit” whereby you cut out whatever size trays you need and build them as desired. The Games Workshop “kit” worked fairly well, but after looking at the Litko site, I decided I might try their skirmish trays for a “classier” look. All of my SP figs are mounted on 1″ Litko 3mm thick bases (artillery crew are mounted on 20mm sq. Litko bases) and I REALLY like the quality of their products.
Anyway, I didnt like the way that their stock trays were configured and so had some custom made. My custom made trays have 12 slots each cut to 26mm to fit either 1″ or 25mm square bases. The trays are roughly 7″ x 2.5″ and I love the way that they dress the units up. I started to flock the edges to match my stands, but I decided that they look great as is. They sort of “frame” the unit/group.
Warning: They are pricey at $12 each, but the quality and service of Litko is outstanding. I received a quote for the custom trays within a day or two and once ordered, I received the completed trays within 2 weeks. I figure its a one time investment that will yield many years of use.
Litko Skirmish Trays:

One Response to “Litko Custom Skirmish Trays”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Litko bases are all I use at this point, quality and a very decent company to deal with. I’ve moved the mounting all skirmishers on the Litko skirmish multi bases and let the players decide if and when they’ll come off. Great Blog, keep the photos and ideas coming.


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