Playtest #3 Of Shockley’s Village Revisited

James and John came up from Abilene this past weekend to help playtest my Sharp Practice Mil Con Scenario. The first two playtests have resulted in a draw, but this game was far more dramatic! James played the French, while John and I “played” the British. James’ dice rolling was uncanny, he must have hit 70% of the time, with half the dice scoring kills. The game was also unsual in that we had two complete “run thru’s” of the game deck with all Big Men & units getting to move in two consecutive turns. This made for a very bloody game, especially for the Brits, as poor Shockley’s command was routed from the field. I made a few more tweaks to the scenario based on James and John’s suggestions…French won big, (and Yes, Margarita once again fell in love with Goodenot!) but I have to think it was more luck than anything…very long day for the Brits and poor old Shockley!


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