28mm Portuguese Line Unit

I was off this week on vacation and had more time than usual to paint. I finished this Portuguese Group as well as the Vistula Legion Unit pictured below. These units should add some color to our scenarios. All the figures are Front Rank 28’s.


4 Responses to “28mm Portuguese Line Unit”

  1. Damn fine looking troops sir!


  2. basilhare Says:


  3. Hi

    Very nice painted figures and basing.

    Your website is very well done too….great choice of colours.

    I am also collecting Front Rank Napoleonics. I notice you base your figures singularly for use in skirmish games as well I presume. What size bases are you using?

    • basilhare Says:

      Thanks! I use 1″ Litko 3mm thick bases for all of my Infantry figures and have GW movement trays for moving the units enmasse….

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