Shockley’s Village

Shockley’s Village

Being a Sharp Practice Game in 28mm Living color.


Early spring, 1809; Somewhere in Northwestern Spain, near the Spanish-Portuguese Border…


Shockley attempted to hurry his ragtag column of tired British and Spanish Line Troops along. He had been charged with securing the Village of “Villabuena,” evacuating its inhabitants and obtaining a cache of munitions being held in a nearby barn.


As his column deployed in battle line, his scouts reported the absolute worst news possible: the French had arrived at the village first and had captured the civilians, munitions and also the bridge that was to facilitate moving men & supplies over the border. Worse yet, his best girl, Margarita, had been taken by his arch nemeses, Lt. Goodenot.


So begins our “Shockley’s Village” Scenario [See sidebar under Sharp Practice for scenario details].


Game Center

The game opened as the British-Spanish center groups began an assault of “Villabuena.” Shockley, Tippet and Castenada led 2 British Groups and one Spanish group (12 men each) against the village which was defended by a group of 12 Voltigeres under Sous-Lt. Pomeroy. The British-Spanish force suffered severe shock and several casualties as they advanced under French small arms fire. Tippet’s group also began to take fire from the French 6# gun positioned just behind and to the French right of the village. Ultimately the British were able to displace the Voltigeres which suffered heavy casualties and shock as the Brits charged into the village. Outnumbered and confused, the French surrendered.


British Right

Meanwhile the Spanish group (12), Chosen men (5) and a 6# gun brought withering fire upon the left most French unit (British Right) and attempted to bring fire upon the supply wagon attempting to leave with the munitions cache. The French group of Fusiliers eventually routed and fled the field. The wagon was disabled (one of the horses shot dead) and was prevented from escaping the field.


British Left

Sgt’s Forsyth & Barret led 3 groups (12 each) of Britsh troops toward the bridge and managed to secure it under fire from French Voltigeres occupying the Church courtyard on the extreme French right. The French 6# gun also brought occasional fire on the groups. Shock and disorder (and lack of cards) prevented the British left groups from doing much except securing the bridge and bringing fire upon the Church courtyard. The Voltigeres suffered 25% losses but held their ground.


As the British took Villabuena and captured the defending voltigeres, the French Commander, Capitan Alvord, counter attacked with a fresh unit of fusiliers and managed to contest the village courtyard as Shockley rallied his troops and met the onslaught. The game ended in a draw with the British holding the bridge (1vp) and the French managing to usher the captured civilians offboard (1vp). Neither side claimed the village as the game ended before Alvord’s counterattack could be fully developed. The wagon was not able to leave the French board edge, though Goodenot managed to cut the dead horse loose and get it moving again. Unfortunately for Shockley, Goodenot was able to charm Margarita and win her affections which denied Shockley a chance at freeing her for a VP.


We had a blast with the Sharp rules and the game moved fairly quickly with 2 players per side. The French fielded a 6# gun & crew, 3 groups of Fusilers, 2 groups of Voltigeres (12 figs each) and 4 Big Men. The Brits fielded a 6# Gun & Crew, a small group of 5 chosen men, 4 Center company Groups, 1 Flank Group and 2 groups of Spanish (12 figs each) & 6 Big Men. All players (save me) were unfamilar with the system but picked it up quickly. We finished the game in about 4 hours.











2 Responses to “Shockley’s Village”

  1. An excellent scenario. I enjoyed reading it / looking at the pics. Very inspiring indeed.

    I suggest you post this on The Sharp Practice forum at:

  2. basilhare Says:

    Thanks, Roly. I will look into that!

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